Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random Thoughts.

I needed a break from the fumes of spray paint so I decided to take up something that (1) had very little fume involvement, and (2) didn’t force me to go out into the c-c-cold Seattle outdoors (I take over the back porch when I spray paint).

So…Random Thoughts was born – my (greeting) card collection. I really dislike the word couple “greeting cards” and I am not sure why, but I do try to refrain when I can. I much prefer mini works of mailable art. But that's just me. They are simply cards with random content. Their purpose: To allow people to send cards to anyone they randomly think of when they see my card creations. I mean, when you look at these cards, your thought of the other person would have to randomly pop up. Ha.

Here's one:

The caption of the canoe women is found on the top right and reads:

"Girl Scout Counselors Paddled Two Days to Escort the Canoeists to Camp.

Invited to be the first men to stay overnight in Camp Onawandah, the Susquehanna voyagers bravely accepted. Here, near Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, Vida Davis and Fran Heckman, on their knees, demonstrate an Indian style of paddling a canoe."

I found it quite comical.

They are addicting to make. I may have to stay off my back porch for a little bit.


blog said...

I love it. Making cards IS pretty addicting.

espionage said...

Maybe you should get a gas mask? ;)

Art Kitten said...

great cards, this is something I would love to do someday (oh that dreamy day I get a gocco).

Waterrose said...

Are you sure the fumes didn't make you a little giddy...LOL Great idea and I love that mini work of art!