Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh Department of Licensing.

Seeing that we are on the topic of transportation and such…

My license was creeping up to its expiration date seeing that I shall be 21 in approximately 11 days. But who's counting?
Mother Romano (my mom) had been nudging me to renew. I am more of a last minute person, so it is quite difficult to get along with her way of thinking sometimes.

Fine. Yesterday morning, I rolled out of bed, slapped on some clothes, glanced at a mirror, shrugged, slipped on my completely worn out green Converse shoes, and stepped out the door. I figured that maybe my picture won’t end up so bad if I just didn’t care.

I sat there in the department of licensing, patiently waiting my turn. Flashbacks of my childhood experiences popped up. I was some elementary school age with the book Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Just a little tip because I care: If ever you must make the trip down to the place of licenses, please bring Willy Wonka along. I am telling you, reading about oompa loompas is so much more pleasant then just staring at the digital numbers waiting for it to transform into the one that matches your golden ticket. Okay, white ticket. Just thought I’d make it a little thematic for a moment.

I got my picture taken. I tend to smile big because that’s what I do best. The photographer laughed at my picture after he took it. Why do I always get this response? He told me that at least it wasn’t a mug shot. Um…thanks? I didn’t even think it was that bad. Though I was slightly disappointed that my unibrow failed to be prominent because I haven’t touched a tweezer in a while. The unibrow that I was born with is just dying to show itself.

It’s always the features that you want to show up that never do.

I will talk about art tomorrow. I promise.


susy said...

well, maybe it will cheer you up that your so simple old woman was on etsy's front page today?

: )

i look like a cross between iggy pop and tiny tim in my license photo. it's so sad.

espionage said...

You could always do what my friend Matt did and next time wear your science lab goggles for your photo. I don't even know how they let him do that one!