Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Okay. So I really should be studying for my Hindi final that will occur tomorrow but I just couldn't resist. Here is the first step towards my upcoming piece "Two Beautiful Art Forms" that should be completed by sometime tomorrow if I play my cards right. Of course, I say a lot of things.

This is a sumo wrestler stencil that I worked on with an X-acto knife this morning. It was nice to let some sort of creative energy out of me, even if it meant not finishing it right away (which is somewhat difficult for me to do). I have so many idea doodles found on napkins and receipts that it's getting a tad hard to keep track of. I tend to lose things. I'll be sure to post the final product if everything turns out as planned. Hey, what the heck. Even if it turns out horribly I shall show the shame.

My Hindi book is calling for me. I've tuned it out long enough I suppose.

(PostScript): I am having font/spacing issues in my blog that I can't seem to change at the moment. These sort of things bother me. I blame my mother who taught me how to color the "right" way (which is apparently coloring consistently from side to side) at the age of 3. This should never ever be allowed. It creates perfectionist monsters.


Torann said...

love the "A Girl and Hazardous Materials."

At college I got the nickname burning girl cos I always seem to be burning some part of my art projects for college :)

espionage said...

Seems as though I am skipping Ashtanga yoga practice to continue to sit here and read your blog. Who needs to be flexy anyways?

Scott Bulger Photography said...

Great piece you are working on there. I really dig it.

Waterrose said...

Hope you're studying... I generally go back into edit, highlight all the text and rechoose the font and size again. Still can't fix the spacing...which drives me nuts!

Margins. said...

Thanks everyone.

Torann: That's too funny.

Espionage: Blog...flexibility...? Decisions, decisions. Thanks for choosing blog. I'm quite honored.