Friday, March 14, 2008

Danger with Flat Hat, 1971.

It's funny. Holding the photography-taking set of mind allows you to appreciate your surroundings a little more than usual.

Artifacts of art are strewn all over campus. This piece of art in particular entitled Danger with Flat Hat captured the mood of today's weather nicely. It actually made me feel semi-neutral about the puddle water in my shoes.

I had originally thought that the posed woman was pointing in the direction of the stairs on her left. However, from the photograph, it would seem that she is pointing over the fenced ledge. Somewhat unfortunate since next week is finals week and people may get the wrong idea. I know I would.

In any case, this sculpture struck me enough to block the people traffic of hurried (and probably annoyed) college students as I was taking the picture. All in the name of art.

(PostScript): I seem to have an infatuation with still, human-like figures. I'll worry about this later.


femputer said...

it's uw! :D

Margins. said...

You discovered my place of hiding!

amy said...

Firstly what does the tile of the piece mean? "Danger with flat hat" Is she a renegade?

p.s. i do go on the internet and draw alllll of the time at work. i must rephrase that so i don't confuse anyone else. :)

Mandy said...

Congrats on your blog! I love pics of art that other people find interesting. Your interpretation of what she's pointing at is funny.

femputer said...

Sorry to reveal you. It was my place of hiding not long ago. :D

Margins. said...

Hm...I'm thinking "Danger w/Flat Hat" because since it pours in Seattle, the rain would eventually accumulate. The sides of the hat would give way and soak the poor woman.

A lesson that should be learned by all.