Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Place of My Art's Origin.

I think I am going crazy. I started writing this post in an etsy listing.

Yesterday was the first day of Spring Quarter. I had a 2 hour lecture and the professor couldn't seem to grab me out of space. I thought of 16 artful ideas. Also during this time, I swallowed my glob of gum. To lose something (gum no longer in mouth) that you can't get rid of (gum settles in your system for quite a while) is a horrible feeling.

Thought I'd share my back porch since I spoke of it in an earlier post. It is not very impressive nor extravagant. In fact, it is a bit shameful.

I don't believe in cleaning up work spaces for pictures so this is what it usually looks like. Except the scene usually involves a mad woman wearing a spray paint respirator with a paint can in hand mumbling about how the piece should have turned out.

You could only capture so much with a camera.


painted fish studio said...

ugh. i think back to my school days and remember how hard it was to be there when you have other things you'd rather be doing, like spray painting on the back porch!

working life isn't that great either, but i think the pressure of school is harder to resolve than going to the office...

keep up the great work! your new pieces are fab!

femputer said...

It must be nice to take your craftiness into the great outdoors. :D (as much as the city can be...!)

espionage said...

You do have a gas mask! And here I was worrying about your health. As for my work space, it's the kitchen table, so I have to clean it off any time the roomies want to eat some dinner.

Banana-head Pancake said...

oh I love the "action" shot! I like seeing where people work their craft.

and it looks so sunny & green!
although, this doesn't help the school work at all does it?


Helen said...

My sister was a gum swallower. I could never stand to swallow the stuff myself! Ugh! What an awful feeling!

Ginger M. said...

My cleaned up desk looks about 3 times messier than your space!

When I have too many ideas coming to me at all once I tend to stop whatever I'm doing and DANCE. I guess it's better than swallowing gum? Ha ha..

Waterrose said...

and your eye can only take so much in...lol

Margins. said...

P.F.S.: Sad to think that working life isn't much better. Ha. Thanks for your compliment :)

F.: Great outdoors is nice. But Seattle outdoors usually means rain (which you know). Bad spray paint weather but nice for greenery.

E.: Nice to know someone worries about my health. Ha. My mother talks about my lungs constantly.

B.-H.P.: Sun is rare, so I took advantage. Green due to rainyness. I sometimes have to pay for the greenery with drenched feet due to holey shoes. Bad, bad, bad.

H.: I can feel the gum go all the way down (okay, not ALL the way) and it is truly terrible. I mean, it was a great piece of gum. Yeesh.

G.: Ha. I didn't show my desk on purpose. Mostly because you wouldn't be able to see the actual desk. I retired to the dining room table. Ha.

W.: True. Especially MY eye...I have the worst vision. If it wasn't for my contacts/glasses, I would probably get lost and end up in Colorado.

Anyone have any Coloradonian friends/relatives just in case?

Allison said...

I like that photo a lot - I love 'progress' or workspace photos.