Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Favorable Outcome.

Still recovering from the flea market that took place yesterday. It was such a pleasant experience. Great music and great people were present. But more importantly, the marvelousness of the vibe was hard to ignore.

I had 0 hours of sleep on me. It came to the point where blinks were mini-naps. I tried my best to hide my sleepiness by over-smiling and this resulted in sore cheeks. I was up all night creating more wall art because I felt like I was running low. I managed to produce 6. How, I do not know. I was probably asleep when I did it. Maybe that is where my best work originates.

I ended up selling a few of my creations. Yay. Following the event, I passed out as soon as I got home and woke up 13.5 hours later groggy and hungry.

3 things I would like to accomplish this week (remember, I say a lot of things):
(1) Bring my scibbles on a napkin and sketchbook paper to life. Same old story. I'm probably up to 32 ideas by now.
(2) Start a card line out of my work. I've had plenty of nudges to do so.
(3) Order postcards, or something of the like, and abandon them in local coffee shops to promote my work.

Random addition: If you would like to be a stealthy individual, here is a site to educate you. You are welcome.

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