Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Brain.

I have been art deprived for 10 days now due to last minute homework assignments and finals. Wednesday is the day that I go art crazy and not sleep until all of the built up ideas in my brain/doodles on coffee shop (unused!) napkins are found in my hands. Only 3 more days...
So what do I blog about during this art drought? I share a past accomplishment. I made this brain creation for a Psychology presentation before my peers and professor. My presentation concerned synesthesia - colored hearing. There are people out there who can see certain colors/designs/images when they hear sounds, which is complete craziness. I am very much jealous.

While others had very scientific-y power point presentations on studies and such, I went for a different approach. I stood there and explained that I did not have a power point, read a passage from a synesthetic, threw facts out there, and unveiled the mirror image of a brain with synesthesia - or how I believed it would look had I seen one. Made from pieces of cloth, t-shirts, hangers and lots of staples. My professor thoroughly enjoyed it and suggested a patent because, you know, someone out there is very likely to steal my idea. Very unlikely.

Moral: Sometimes, it's not all about the power point.


randimueck said...

It's nice to know that people still appreciate a non-technical approach in college. Good for you! What grade did you get on the project?

Scott Bulger Photography said...

Just a tiny bit bigger font would make it easier for us old fogies to read.

The Time Is Now said...

That. Is Greatness.

Margins. said...

Thanks 'the time is now'!

randimueck: I got an A! Hooray.

Scott: Hi there! Working on the text situation. Thanks for pointing it out to me!