Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Metro Bus Situation.

I am currently on a Metro bus. I am all about public transportation. Love the environment but am also unable to utilize my motorized vehicle since it is a stick shift and I am unfamiliar. An unfortunate event, but yay for environment preservation.

So, here I am, awkwardly pushed up against the window to my left while my fingers are busily typing up a blog post. My left elbow bumping the glass so many times that a bruise is likely to appear at a later date. Hopefully, it will be a fun shape. I like to make my seat partner as comfortable as he/she can be. However, it seems that I am trying to be as far away from the person as possible for fear of contact. This is not the case.

A quandary. I am always curious as to what the person looks like, but am much too sheepish to look right beside me for fear of eye contact. Eye contact could be uncomfortable with a stranger that close. I just stare out the window usually, or in this case, at my computer screen. I see a green plaid long sleeve holding a cup of Tully's coffee from the corner of my right eye.

Okay. We have just arrived to the bus stop of my seat partner and he is ready to get up and leave. This is usually my time to take a peak. Alright, done.

This is just a mere glimpse of my awkwardness. Trust me. A glimpse is all you really need.

Ah. Motion sickness is paying me a visit.


DreamON said...

Ha, ha. true but funny. that's the best kind of humor to me.

femputer said...

the height of social akwardness is sitting in the seat with the pane of glass in front of it. It always makes me feel like I'm staring too much... or not enough? :)

femputer said...

(at the seat partner's reflection)

Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

"Trust me. A glimpse is all you really need."


JLC Studio said...

This is too funny! I do the same exact thing! I also hate it when someone takes more than their fair share of the seat...totally sucks!

You totally made me laugh out loud!

Waterrose said...

I try to read your blog often as well...seems there is too much to do in the techno/social page world! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Chocolate and Steel said...

Oh, it's the same way on a plane but your there for hours.

Margins. said...

Wow. I'm glad my awkwardness attracts people to my writing. This is great because this is something that I just cannot help. Ha.

Just noticed...I posted this at 4:44PM. Ah geez. That is too weird. I'm going to bed and sleeping this off.

Margins. said...

Chocolate and Steel: That's why I tend not talk/get a good look at the person next to me until landing.

It's not so great when you discover the person next to you is from Amsterdam and quite attractive. Then you think: Drat!