Friday, March 28, 2008

A Day of Disbelief.

Apparently art is running my life without my knowing. My mother told me that she worried over my health because I thought about art more than I did my own self. Ha. I guess that's when you know you have a problem.

I was on the front page twice today (and a sale!) thanks to Jack Sprat and Avenue Handmade. Both are really great shops by the way, which made me even more honored. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Morning: So Simple. Old Woman.

Night: A Girl and Hazardous Materials.

That was great, but I also got oh so much love through conversations and such. That had to be even better. Tomorrow's topic: Random Thoughts -- my card collection. Hooray! I'm going to go ahead and pass out now from art overload. Hopefully, I will have some pretty and colorful artful dreams.

Side Note: My favorite color is rainbows (yes, plural).


The Time Is Now said...

Yey! Congratulations! That is awesome. In fact, I'm surprised you only got one sale from the whole deal, but more important is the "love" from convos. Great day, huh?:)

Michele Maule said...

I saw you on the front page and was really excited!
I know you opened your shop recently, but it looks like you are really doing great things there!

yay for Etsy!

painted fish studio said...

congrats on 2 times in one day!

blog said...

Your work completely merits the front page! Congrats, and I'm glad you got a screen shot of mine cause I missed seeing it. =)

Callooh Callay said...

Twice in one day? Well yay you! That's so great.