Friday, June 27, 2008

I still exist. Yes I do.

Such a long time it has been, yes? I have to say, I missed the blog world a whole lot.

This summer is the first summer in which I have no obligations toward school. My college life of classes has been on play since September of '05. My brain is currently in a state of shock due to the absence of such summer classes this time around. Quite nice, I'd have to say. I am sure you can imagine.

I have actually been reading quite a bit lately. For fun, I might add. Something I have not done for years. Seriously. Years. Any suggestions on some good reads? I'd love to hear them. I am currently reading Stiff and the author carries such voice in this novel. I'm loving it thus far.

I will fill you in as to what mischievous (not really) happenings I have been up to lately. For now, I will say this. I got a haircut. I know. That's not terribly exciting. Maybe an exclamation mark will help. I got a haircut!

In any case, the young man whose handiwork is now atop my head was quite nice and I thoroughly enjoy nice people. It's always pretty uncomfortable getting your hair sheared while your mind races as it tries to find the next topic to discuss so no awkward silence falls between the two of you. This was not the case for me however.

I'll be back with more, more, more. Will you stay tuned? I sure hope so.