Thursday, May 15, 2008

On My Mind: Lykke and India.

In approximately 3.5 hours, I will be listening to Lykke's tunes at the Triple Door. Lykke Li (pronounced 'lick-a lee') is an indie singer songwriter from Sweden and the beats to her music is just so pleasant. I'm going with a couple of pals and I am quite excited about it. I actually haven't listened to her whole CD, so I am just looking forward to sitting there and absorbing.

On a totally different note, I really want to go to India this summer. I mean...I really really REALLY want to go. I found this program in which I would travel to India and remain for five weeks. The first week would consist of sightseeing and Hindi classes and such. The rest of the time would be spent volunteering at an orphange. I have been getting the itch to travel lately because I often reminisce about my time spent volunteering in Tanzania. I reminisce about those times a lot.

However, convincing Mother Romano is such an obstacle. I don't give up so easily though. She knows what's coming. After all, I did convince her to allow me to go to Africa. Ha.

I must go now and write up a paper that is due tomorrow. A paper that was assigned to me 2 weeks ago! Why must I consistently do this to myself?


painted fish studio said...

i hope the show was amazing!

go. to. india.

write. your. dreaded. paper.

seriously, go to india. i hope you do it. it'd be an amazing experience, and you need to do it while the opportunity had presented itself.

and write that dang paper! you'll feel great when it's done...

julie king said...

you're only young once. there's no time like the present. it's your heart's desire to go. these are all reasons you should use to convince mother romano to let you go. good luck!!

Avenue said...

I hope you get to go to India, if only so that I can live vicariously through your experiences. (Because of course you would blog about it, right?)


have fun at the show! as for india, wow, if you have the chance...of course ther is always the darjeeling limited on dvd - kidding.

Margins. said...

I wrote my paper Jen! Yay for motivation when it visits.

The show was fantastic! As for India, I am still working my magic. Thanks for the tips Julie! And yes Avenue, I'd blog my heart away (Hm...what exactly does that even mean?).

I've watched Darjeeling Limited Charm. I enjoyed it quite a lot :)

design for mankind. said...

OOOOH you lucky girl! :)

espionage said...

I know that feeling! Right now I am trying to convince my husband to join the Peace Corps! Wish me luck. You must do these things before you are tied down by more than Mother Romano!