Monday, May 12, 2008

The New Mexico.

Last weekend was spent in New Mexico due to my cousin's wedding. Yay New Mexico. I had never been before. It was pretty great but sadly much too short as I was there from Friday night to Sunday morning. Short, right? I had way too much fun spending some quality time with the cousins. As always. I was expecting sizzling 80 degree weather, but the cold winds disguised the sun's heat. As a result, I was quite surprised to find myself a little burned. So sad.

A few pictures:

Jewelry vendors in Santa Fe. My will power was truly tested. Truly.

I was so drawn to these friendly wooden sculptures. I am not sure what it is, but I really loved them.

A vase that I adored. Painted with a brush of horse hair.

The beautiful Newly Weds! My cousin is on the right and his facial expression pretty much sums up his crazy personality.

Their first dance. One of the best weddings that I have ever been to.

I have more pictures to share. Maybe I will organize them on a photo site and share them at a later date. I shall let you know.

Hope your weekend was just as marvelous.


painted fish studio said...

how fun! i've driven thru new mexico, and have been there for business, but santa fe is a spot i'd like to spend some time. there's such a great art community there, and looks like you got to see some (or a lot!) of it.

design for mankind. said...

OH HOW FUN! :) Yes! More pics!

femputer said...

Aw, they're such a cute couple. :}


santa fe is fantastic! great photos, looked like a fun trip.

Avenue said...

Yay! I love New Mexico. Those friendly wooden people rule.

I know what you mean about the weekend being too short--my husband's brother and his wife were in town this weekend and the time just flew by.

espionage said...

I was in Mexico, you in New Mexico- both just for the weekend. Perhaps one day our worlds should collide. (To tell you the truth, the wooden figure with the "L" Ruler looks a little menacing to me- the other one's kindlier, however!)

Waterrose said...

I love Santa Fe! And, Albuquerque...and Taos...LOL Looks like it was a beautiful wedding!

Katie said...

So sweet!

I lived in New Mexico for 7 years. I miss those skies!