Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Factoids About Evalynn/Margins:

I was tagged by Art Kitten! The rules:

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Let's begin.

1. I really want a black belt. But first, I need to sign up for karate lessons. That’s what I hear anyway.

2. My good friend Cheryl holds a future escape plan for myself and our 2 other pals. It mainly involves the 4 of us living in an abandoned warehouse in Portland where we do artsy stuff all day, such as screen print. A foolproof plan.

3. A lot of my exercise originates in my dusty, junk-filled basement on an unstable, second-hand treadmill. It will topple one day, I just know it.

4. I wanted to be a doctor from Kindergarten to approximately 5.5 months ago, but I did not enjoy the sciences even though I really tried to. Now I want to go into Public Health, with a focus on the global aspect of health.

5. I often joke about getting a tattoo of a beard. It would start on my pointer finger and thumb, and continue down my left forearm. This is because when I conversate and turn into thinking mode, I tend to stroke a long imaginary beard. A beard tattoo would be very much convenient.

Now when I place my left hand on my chin and stroke down my forearm, my friends know that I am stroking the imaginary beard tattoo I wish I had.

6. I have a Filipino accent and speak grammatically incorrect when I make conversation with my mother. It just comes so naturally. However, this causes me to question my grammar and vocabulary when speaking to friends.

7. Guys I like to term “Biker Boys” get me weak in the knees. They’re the ones who ride their road bikes around town with skinny jeans and such somewhat fitting apparel. Musicians go under this category as well.

That’s me. Hm…I’m tagging 7 (my lucky number, by the way):

Banana Head Pancake.

Folio Hello.
Painted Fish Studio.
The Charm School Dropout.
Hoi Polloi.
Octavine Illustration.

[PostScript]: I'm sorry that this turned out to be such a novel. I just got much too into it.


painted fish studio said...

yay! it's so fun to learn more about friends. i LOVE your beard tattoo idea...

funny, i was tagged to share 6 things by another blogger today. i'll start thinking about interesting factoids about little ol me...


verrrrrrry interesting...can I tag back? just kidding.

Octavine Illustration said...

i think your dream of moving to pdx should not be such a lark--there are so many of us inside warehouses or basements screenprinting, painting and creating. and more boys in bands dressed in skinny jeans riding on their bikes that you could ever imagine, even in your wildest dreams.....i think it a bit of heaven here on earth.

loved the post!~ so fun to learn more about you.

Waterrose said...

I'm going to be out until next the middle of packing right to New Mexico and when I get back I will write my tag stuff....for 3 people who tagged me all in the same day! LOL

femputer said...

You're in the right city for someone who likes biker boys! ;)

Margins. said...

I'm glad you guys thought I was somewhat interesting. Ha.

Painted Fish: Ha. Glad you enjoyed my beard tattoo!

Charm: Mm...not sure you can tag back though I may have 7 more interesting things to say. Nah...who am I kidding?

Octavine: Hm...the Portland idea may have to come to life! One day...

Waterrose: You are way too popular. Ha. Can't wait to hear more about you.

Femputer: Tell me about it! They are pretty much everywhere. It is really great! You know what I mean :)

espionage said...

I just realized that even though I have re-read this post of yours several times, I never commented! I loved learning these things about you. I made a tribute to your #1 and the post you made about Dylan in my #7.

Maybe we should all make a city like in Ayn Rand's book where we all create in warehouses and invite all the skinny-pants boys? Not that I agree with Rand's philosophy or anything, just an interesting idea...

I used to want to be a lawyer from 2nd grade until the 2nd semester of my senior year in highschool. Then, I freaked out and decided to become a designer. I wish I would have given myself a little bit more time to think about it, though... although I find myself wanting to be good at everything and I should probably cut back a bit.

Waterrose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Waterrose said...

Had to remove my other comment...didn't turn out right. But, I have answered the call...go have a peek!

julie king said...

i really hope the escape plan becomes reality and you get to spend your days creating. you really have a great talent!

Avenue said...

Fun factoids! I'm with Painted Fish -- LOVE the beard tattoo idea.

DESIGN DIG said...

I love your tattoo idea!

ambika said...

Ha, I've seen you do that beard stroke thing and never thought about it that way. Can't non-beard having folks just stroke their chins? Don't promote the patriarchy!

Also, there are recent findings that show stretching might actually *lead* to injuries. Just when I thought contradictory results couldn't get more out of a hand (don't even get me started on coffee...)