Monday, May 19, 2008

Bob Dylan. Mr. Tambourine Man.

Makes me happy. I can't believe I missed these times. 22.5 years much too late. October, 1964.


julie king said...

thanks for sharing that bit of nostalgia from the past. dylan is one of my favorites. i remember when he hit the music scene with his wonderful folk tunes and thought-provoking lyrics. i was 12 in '64 and so very, very wanting to change the world. he was the rally cry for change in those days! how bittersweet that his lyrics still hold so much truth today.

Avenue said...

Makes me happy, too--the harmonica part especially.

I'm with you on the being-born-into-the-wrong-era thing. What gets me is that while my dad IS from that era (well, he was 8 when that video was shot), he can't stand Dylan, and doesn't have even a nostalgic appreciation for things like vinyl records ("But CDs' sound quality is so much better!") or typewriters or war protests. I think our generational destinies got reversed somehow. Ha.

Art Kitten said...

Margins, I have tagged you :) Check out my blog for more information.

Margins. said...

Julie: Thank you for sharing your own Bob Dylan perspective! It is very interesting indeed how relevant his lyrics are in the current day.

Ave: Your dad sounds hilarious. He seems to be in the now, eh? I mean, typewriters and war protests...really? Who wouldn't enjoy those? Especially vinyl records. Oh man.

Art Kitten: Workin' on it ;)