Thursday, May 8, 2008

The "Islandy" Feel.

I frantically created a custom piece last night.

It was for my best pal's roomie who had a 2 year anniversary coming up on Monday (!). She wanted an art piece done of her and her main squeeze. I was much obliged to be a part of it all. We had been playing email tag for the last week and I finally got all the information I needed last night.

You should have seen me in the late hours of the night. I am still fighting a cold, so I was not in the best of conditions. Hunched over and trying to get my X-Acto knife to cooperate as I was creating the stencil. I was most nervous about the background. She wanted an "islandy feel" so I thought ocean and sunset possibly? The whole time I found myself repeatedly saying: "Oh God. I hope she likes it."

With lots of headaches and the disregard of the statistics assignment and backaches and fumage intake (don't worry, this was to the minimum), I made this:

Of course it is an abstract ocean and sunset, but I still hope I got the message across to some degree. There's only so much you can do with spray paint and I didn't want any distractions in the way of the happy twosome's image. It was tons of fun playing with all the sunset/ocean colors of spray paint I had. Which, apparently, is quite a few.

I sent it off today, so the piece should be in her hands by this Saturday or Monday at the very latest. Phew.

[EDIT]: She received it today, 5/12th, and LOVED it! Yay. Mission accomplished.


painted fish studio said...

i love/hate how creative pressures can be so stressful, but at the same time, the outcome is exactly what you had hoped for. i think your piece is a huge success! the background is wonderful. i hope they like it!


i second painted fish. looks great. better get on that statistics.

julie king said...

your first custom piece is wonderful! i can't even imagine how much time it took but the result is well worth it. i enjoy the challenge of doing custom work; it pushes me to excel and reach deeper than when i'm just creating for pleasure.

espionage said...

I like how you mentioned that the fumage intake was low on this project. Your piece is beautiful. It's interesting how an independent artist has to think somewhat about marketing when making a custom piece. I actually just did this when I recently made a friends yoga bag. So nervous. He loved it and I am sure your friend will too.

Avenue said...

Looks awesome. I'm sure the happy couple will love it. And I'm excited to know that you do commissioned pieces like this, though my anniversary isn't until December. (Gives me 6 months to come up with a decent photo of the two of us. Ha.)

La Alicia said...

it was worth all your effort and dedication - it came out great!

Waterrose said...

Under pressure you created a beautiful and romantic piece of art! Very cool!