Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Limb Productivity.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes/cake photos. I received quite a few responses to my pitiful request of cake images that I could gobble away at with my eyes. And boy did they make me happy happy happy.

The family surprised me with an actual cake. Ha. It was such a wonderful site to arrive home to after walking the 15 blocks uphill from my bus stop in the pouring rain, umbrella-less at night.

Ugh. The last few days have involved so much food. I need to put some limbs in action. And that is what I shall do to the max for the next few months. Move some of my limbs in a productive manner (exercise). Apparently, flailing arms is considered unproductive.

For those concerned, I refrained from going alcohol crazy. So, no worries. I limited myself to a gin and tonic and a falafel sandwich. That’s all I can really handle. Ha.

Furthermore, I was recently featured! Check it out. *WELCOME mat*

Side Note: Quality old school songs make me happy. Today’s – Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow’s featured Etsy artist: La Maga.

(Sneak Peek: Waves of Indifference by La Maga).


espionage said...

I am loving the artist you are going to feature! Can't wait to see more. Yay for surprise cakes and hard liquor with falafel! The person next to the big tree is my friends Lane.


Happy belated birthday. Your BLOG rocks! Everything looks great in the shop too, loving the bicycle pieces...I added you to my blog roll - do hope that's ok

Waterrose said...

Glad you got a real b'day cake and I can't wait to read about your featured artist. ...thanks for all of your lovely comments!

Rachel said...

I am loving the stencil art. Happy belated. Mine is coming up too. CAKE!

Jesse said...

Happy birthday, it sounds like it was good! Thanks for your comment on my blog - I'm pleased to have found yours.

femputer said...

happy birthday! :D