Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kinko's. Kinko's. Kinko's.

I have had pretty bad experiences at Kinko's. (Pardon. FedEx Kinko's.)

Many of my most classic procrastination moments have taken place at a Kinko's.
These situations bring me to the doorstep of the nearest Kinko's with my Mac in hand and anxiety within.

Anxiety not only due to the possibility of a late paper, but also due to figuring out how to print the thing out. Technology dislikes me. We don't click, which is sad because I thought that I was supposed to be among the generation of technology savvy individuals. Apparently, I did not make the cut.

I went to Kinko's today. I actually shuddered when I decided that I had to go. I wanted to create (greeting) cards of my art work because I heard it was a good thing. So I did and...I don't know. They are alright I suppose (I just say that to protect my self-esteem). I actually don't like them much. Maybe the paper just didn't do it for me. I get really picky about paper issues.

I was handed the sad looking greeting cards and walked over to the paper cutter, as they needed some trimming. Oh, the paper cutter. We haven't gotten along until my late high school years and even now our relationship's a little shaky. I can't seem to use it correctly, so the cards are awkwardly different sizes.

Luckily, there was a pleasant looking old woman at the next table keeping me and my loud, squeaky paper cutter company. I cringed with every swift of the cutter.

I was welcomed with Seattle's droplet showers as I walked out of the Kinko's. My squeaky windshield wipers did not help the situation.


espionage said...

The thing I remember about Kinko's is creating a paper dress and having them laminate it... then having to shell out $30 in my VERY broke days to pay for it. Who thought shrink-wrapped plastic would cost so much?

Margins. said...

Ha. That's hilarious/amazing. How'd the dress turn out?


ahhhhhh, kinkos. it's the best print shop in our town...which tells you a lot about the town i live in. love the new "stained health" piece. let me know if you want to do a trade sometime.

Margins. said...

Ha. I had actually discovered a Kinko's today that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I can't decide if it was the Kinko's workers that I related with, the fairly quiet paper cutter, or the happy music that changed my mind first. Probably the happy music.

So, I am only going there from now on to save Kinko's from my horrible impression of them. We are on good terms now.

Waterrose said...

I'm glad to hear that you have come to terms with a kinko's. I always have interesting experiences there too...make you wonder how they are successful!