Sunday, April 6, 2008

Birthday: #21.

Today is my birthday. Woot. Woot. I had no birthday cake during my weekend celebrations and none planned tonight, which should be against the law. Just saying. I tried searching for the most extravagant/most expensive birthday cake online to fill this void. However, I was unsuccessful. So...if you have any links of yummy birthday cakes, I'd love to see them. In the meantime, here are a few things from Etsy to commemorate my 21st year of life. Ha. That sounds strange.

This postcard makes me happy. Shop: Enna.

If you're not going to drink beer, might as well use it for the sake of cleanliness. Shop: DennisAnderson.

If you are going to drink the stuff, might as well sport an environmentally friendly form of transportation. Shop: BreadandBadger.

These ones are sold which may be a party foul, but I really enjoy them. Shop: BakeandDestroy.

Saturday: Spent some quality time with friends to celebrate. There are 4 of us in the solid group. My friend Cheryl and I fondly call our group "the double dutch team." Mostly because we feel like 4 people make up a strong team for double dutch. The guys do the ropes, us girls jump up a storm was the vision.

Have a great day!

(PostScript): Ha. I just realized, this blog is headed with the date: Sunday, April 6th. I got really excited and started writing this post the day before my birthday. A girl just can't help it sometimes.

My birthday = Monday, April 7th.


antigenre said...

Happy birthday! Love the troll cupcake toppers and the other birthday picks!

trublue said...

Happy birthday!

I love the bicycle pint glass!

Erika Obscura said...

Happy Birthday!

EsmaStudios said...

Hope you enjoyed your birthday! Over the weekend my boyfriend and I shared a couple of cupcakes from and they were heavenly... I highly recommend those for some birthday goodness.

moonmystic said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Beer soap?!?!?!

picciolo said...

hi, happy birthday for yesterday! hope you managed to get some cake at some point
: )

espionage said...

Your birthday! YAY! Birthdays are fun, special reflectign times. I'm glad you shared with us. I am in San Francisco right now and away from Etsy too much... glad to see you're loving up your life!

painted fish studio said...

happy belated birthday, on which ever day it was! ;-) great etsy finds as well. i wish you the best for your 21st year. enjoy drinking legally!

michaelendo said...

Happy Birthday!

blog said...

Happy late birthday!!

Not a big cake fan, so I don't have any recommendations for you, but don't sweat the lack of sweet--the best birthdays of my life seem to have been the ones with the least fanfare and the company of a few treasured friends. And apparently you've got that. :)

I am, however, a big fan of beer soap and bicycles on beer glasses. Great finds!

blog said...

(Post Script: I don't know why my user name shows up as "blog," but the comment above was me, Avenue. :)

Banana-head Pancake said...

Happy Birthday!

Here's a cake for you:

223 diamonds!!!

Banana-head Pancake said... link did not work. Will this one? I hope so!

Banana-head Pancake said...


I'm not sure why it is not working, I am sorry for 3 posts!
Anyway, if you are curious I'm sure you can find it on that blog from October 16, 2006.

okay, I think I'm done! You'll be 22 before I make any sense...

Margins. said...


And banana-head, don't worry I found that crazy expensive cake and I'd probably lose a few teeth from biting into one of those diamonds. Ha.

Waterrose said...

Oh my goodnes...I missed your b'day....

A link to some not only incredible looking cakes, but also some of the best tasting cakes EVER!

Happy Belated B'day!

Margins. said...

Thank you Waterrose ;)

You actually gave me an early happy birthday in the chit chat room a few nights ago. So all is well!

I can't believe you are presenting cake to me. You scolded me for scarfing down that crocheted cake. Ha.

Raquel said...

Happy Birthday!!! :)))
I only have two years more than you! I thought you were older. But I prefer you with 21! ha

Your blog looks great! I'll keep an eye on it!