Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guilty Pleasures.

I am so ashamed of this but I don't even care. Here are a few things I enjoy, but kinda wish I didn't:

1. American Idol.
2. Dancing with the Stars.
3. Karaoke songs.

Yes, I download karaoke songs and sway to the old school beats (as I am doing right now). So classic. How can people not enjoy them? This, I do not know. I am probably shaming my cool music savvy friends. Sorry.


painted fish studio said...

what?! my opinion of you has completely changed.

;) kidding.

while i admit that i do not like don't like your #1 & #2, i will admit to being addicted to "the real housewives of ny (and the oc!)" and oh gross, "keeping up with the kardashians". sometimes, i need to fill my brain with garbage...

the only song i sing while out for karoke is the b-52's "love shack". and i don't sing it well.

Margins. said...

Ha. I was afraid of that. Maybe I'll make up for my shameful likes at a later date.

Thanks for sharing your own addictions! I clearly like to fill my own brain with garbage as well. Keep in mind...I don't have cable, so my garbage choice is quite limited. Ha.

Oo..."Love Shack." I'm sure your singing voice is quite pleasant. I enjoy the sappy love songs. Unfortunately.

Avenue said...

I'd hate to think of all the garbage I'd likely indulge in if I had cable. Yikes! Since I don't, my guilty pleasures are "Gossip Girl" and "America's Next Top Model." And "Hell's Kitchen"...but that one doesn't seem quite as lame. But I have tons of online guilty pleasures, like gofugyourself.com, deceiver.com...the list goes on.


wow, who knew? mine is anything on mtv - mindless, liberating. yes that does include *the hills*.

Art Kitten said...

Well, I am proud of you for admitting this ;)

My guilty pleasures are Lost, Battlestar Gallactica, and Heroes. My Lost obsession is so bad that I am constantly dreaming about it. I think I really really want to be lost on a tropical island (with hot guys of course)

Margins. said...

Yay. Thanks for sharing your guilty pleasures! So great.

Waterrose said...

Ohhh guilty pleasures....Hell's Kitchen, OC and NYC housewives, Project Runway! shhhhhh....don't let anyone know!