Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Tasty Farewell.

Allison leaves for Paris on Tuesday for the quarter :[

So what do we do? We have desert in the morning! Also known as breakfast. The Portidge Bay Cafe offers delicious plates of such. Observe:

My plate: Paw Paw French Toast. Yum.

Allison's plate: Chai Oatmeal. Poor Allison wanted 3 Bears Porridge but they went out of business. No one gave them a chance.

Yay! Full and happy. But sad (in the inside) because Allison leaves.

Actually. All of my friends left/are leaving the country for the coming months. I must have scared them all away. Okay. Only 3 of them. But my other pals are going out of town for school, leaving me by my lonesome.

What is a girl to do? Eat more french toast...probably.


Waterrose said...

or, cake...

joseph said...

portage bay cafe is simply delicioso. love the fruit bar.

Octavine Illustration said...

oh, that french toast looks delicious. and french toast is always good. have you ever tried what my husband calls "Jewish Spanish French Toast?" it's essentially challah dipped in egg and deep fried in olive oil. with powdered sugar, of course, and....oh, i'm getting hungry now, syrup.

Margins. said...

Guess what Octavine! I'm actually Jewish Spanish. Haha. My mom's side is Filipino but my dad's side is Spanish-Turkish-Jewish.

That's sounds delicious! Now I HAVE to try it :]

painted fish studio said...

and lean on us!