Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This fellow makes even the pretty simple poses look way more intense than they really are, I feel.

I participated in yoga for the very first time this morning.

There are 3 things that I am bad at (okay, there are way more but I'm not going to get into that right now for the sake of protecting my self-esteem): (1) stretching, (2) balancing, and (3) deep breathing. And what do you know, yoga constitutes all 3.

My pal Sydney convinced me to go. She took one yoga class and was convinced that it was the greatest thing ever. But see, here's how Sydney and I differ. Sydney absolutely loves to stretch. She will devote the time and energy after a workout for some stretches, like what normal people should do. I, on the the other hand, being the rebel that I am, skip the stretches which lead to the risk of injuries and such disasters. It doesn't help that I am a klutz.

Side Note: "Klutz" is defined as a clumsy, awkward, or foolish person. Wow. I didn't think one word could capture me so perfectly.

Though putting such issues aside, I am also one to really want to be crazy about yoga. I feel like yoga people are so cool, walking around with their yoga mat slung on their shoulder and I want to be just like them. See my train of thought here?

The one hour session was interesting. It was quite difficult for me to be "in tune with my body" even though the instructor kept telling us to. Additionally, my body doesn't quite know what stretching feels like. It's been a long, long time since my muscles got to feel such a thing. Poor things. They were probably in a state of shock.

Figure 43 Muscles: side view

At times when my eyes were closed and I was turned away from everyone else, I would think: "I wonder what everyone else is doing." I'm sure that I failed to look in sync with my classmates.

While walking back to our place, I was complaining to Sydney about how those stretches/poses and deep breathing and stuff was so hard for me. She just looked at me and said: "That class will be good for you." Ha. She's right.


painted fish studio said...

i wanted to get into yoga, too, but my efforts only last about a week with each attempt. i have some great dvd's, but i also have 2 dogs and a cat that think that me on the floor means play/scratch-my-tummy time. and there's just not enough time in the day! i can't get up early enough to do it before work, and my evenings are usually reserved for a drink or two... but keep it up! maybe it'll stick for you! you can be my inspiration!

Margins. said...

I know. It's hard to make the time. And we can't cut the drinks out at the end of the day. Those drinks could be sanity in liquid form.

Aw...at least I have a person to inspire if it works out. Haha.

femputer said...

Be in tune with your body. Right now. ;D

...You call that in tune?

hilarious post, btw. :D

Waterrose said...

OH...I wish you hadn't reminded me how long it has been since I stretched...on purpose... good luck and go stretch..now...yes now!

espionage said...

Hey there! I missed you! Yoga is hard. I go in and out of it... and I work at a yoga studio part time! I sometimes think that people who feel a huge need to exercise all of the time don't have any balance. Like, how walking somewhere can be what you need in the day. Who knows... Stretching is good. Just don't feel like you have to be a pretzel. Am I rambling? I think I am...

Avenue said...

I tried yoga for the first time recently myself. I liked it, but it also made me feel super klutzy and not-in-tune with my body. I'm gonna give it another shot though. Maybe even two.