Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Good Thing.

A few days ago, I received an email from Janice. She is a fellow volunteer that I met while volunteering in Tanzania, AFRICA for 3 weeks back in Aug. to Sept. of '07. It was extremely nice to hear from her. Apparently, Janice and some other volunteers that were on the same trip are in the works of establishing a volunteer organization of their own in the town of Moshi. So awesome! I was very much grateful for their efforts on trying to improve the lives of the Tanzanians because they are the nicest of people. I can attest to that one.

Moshi, Tanzania.

One of the many children I played with in the neighborhood.

Here is their work-in-progress website that I thought I'd share:

I would love to partake next summer for a few months. I will be especially ready for such an adventure since I will be undertaking Swahili this coming academic year.
Talk about a fantastic reason for saving up the dollar bills.

Janice and me in the Amsterdam airport awaiting our final flight home (Sept. 2007).


painted fish studio said...

amazing. i hope you're able to go next summer!

espionage said...

Yay for travel! btw, I am about to cross off one of the things on my "25 things to do" list! I just booked my flight to Paris. I am going at the end of Sept/Early October.

Avenue said...

Wow, Swahili. Ambitious. Scary for mostly monolingual me, but awesome.

Janice sounds super. I hope you get to go next summer.

julie king said...

very nice post! i hope you get to go next summer to practice your swahili!!